Foundational to Clay Christensen’s body of work was the belief that the right lenses and models can enable people to make sense of innovation and make better decisions. Explore his most influential thinking in these three articles, written in collaboration with Innosight.


Reinventing Your Business Model

Clayton Christensen, Mark Johnson and Henning Kagermann

“We have found that new business models often look unattractive to internal and external stakeholders—at the outset. To see past the borders of what is and into the land of the new, companies need a road map.”


Know Your Customers’ “Jobs to Be Done”

Clayton Christensen, David Duncan, Taddy Hall, and Karen Dillon

“After decades of watching great companies fail, we’ve come to the conclusion that the focus on correlation—and on knowing more and more about customers—is taking firms in the wrong direction. What they really need to hone in on is the progress that the customer is trying to make in a given circumstance—what the customer hopes to accomplish. This is what we’ve come to call the job to be done.”


How Disruptive Innovation Can Finally Revolutionize Healthcare

Clayton Christensen, Andrew Waldeck, and Rebecca Fogg

“New models of care coupled with payer models that incentivize their success can form the basis of the Disruptive Healthcare Delivery System. This new system would dramatically bring down costs by focusing care teams and consumers themselves around addressing the root causes of poor health tied to chronic conditions. The implications are far-reaching, as this new system changes the basis of competition in the economy’s largest sector, leading to new growth opportunities outside the scope of traditional healthcare delivery.”