This summer’s movie season kicked off with a dramatic prediction from Steven Spielberg, who lambasted Hollywood for its over-reliance on its “tentpole” business model supported by superheroes, gunfights, and special effects: “There’s going to be an implosion where three or four or maybe a half-dozen mega budget movies are going to go crashing into the […]… Read More

The other day I watched my first episode of Mad Men. I’m a little late to the game, I know, but that’s what having Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Comcast on Demand are for. The irony of using anytime, commercial-free media to watch advertisers work in a world with only three television channels got me thinking about […]… Read More

Even the best-performing companies eventually stall. Sustaining momentum — and remaining a great growth company — takes a system. Scott Anthony and David Duncan call this system a “Growth Factory.”… Read More

Sooner or later, most companies will need to reinvent themselves in response to disruptive market shifts, technologies, or start-ups. But can a new business model quickly replace all the revenue an incumbent has lost to market upheaval? Only in rare instances, say the authors.… Read More

A seminal memory of childhood for many Americans of my age was the arrival of the magazine Highlights for Children every month. The magazine was chock full of goodness, but my favorite part was the Goofus & Gallant cartoon. For those who didn’t have the pleasure of reading the magazine, the cartoon taught life lessons […]… Read More

U.S. telecom carriers face daunting challenges from device makers, content providers, social networks, and an array of disruptive technologies. But the solutions may not be housed on their own soil. The telecom industry has changed, and the industry dynamics will continue to shift under the pressure from social media and the power of the consumer. […]… Read More

Apple just threw down the gauntlet to the K-12 publishing industry. In announcing iBooks 2, Apple is making a compelling case that if ever there was a time for school districts to switch from paper-based textbooks to a digital approach – it is now. Even in the absence of iBooks 2, the case was already […]… Read More

FACING DISRUPTION HEAD ON The Boston-based firm traces its roots back to the beginning of books crafted in America, publishing the likes of Hawthorne, Longfellow, Emerson, Thoreau and Twain. Nowadays, textbooks account for more than 90 percent of its revenue. But education is undergoing tumultuous change as kids and teachers rely more and more on tablets… Read More