A VENTURE-CAPITAL INSPIRED APPROACH TO GROWTH Over its 150+ year history, Bayer has become firmly established in core markets across healthcare and agriculture. But with CEO Werner Baumann declaring that innovation is critical to new growth and executing its mission of “Science For A Better Life,” leaders needed to identify how to boost innovation performance.… Read More

Finally, health care, which has been largely immune to the forces of disruptive innovation, is beginning to change. Seeing the potential to improve health with simple primary-care strategies, some of the biggest incumbent players are inviting new entrants focused on empowering consumers into their highly regulated ecosystems, bringing down costs. This shift is long overdue.… Read More

Innosight and Huron have recently joined forces to combine their strategic, operational and technology capabilities. We sat down with Innosight co-founder and Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen to hear how he thinks the combination will help clients harness disruptive innovation and help clients achieve sustained growth. Watch the video below. COMBINED CAPABILITIES FOR SUSTAINED… Read More