BUILDING ON SUCCESS BY JUMPSTARTING NEW GROWTH When the municipal utility was formed in 1997, only a quarter of homes in the Philippines capital had reliable access to potable tap water. But over the next fifteen years, this division of a publicly traded company solved the crisis by working to bring drinkable water round the… Read More

In 2010, one of the world’s leading defense companies engaged in a strategic planning initiative in which senior leaders projected current industry trends and business prospects out to the year 2020, a relatively short time horizon for military scenario planning. The exercise turned up a comforting result: the company’s pipeline of contracts for its aircraft… Read More

Even the best-performing companies eventually stall. Sustaining momentum — and remaining a great growth company — takes a system. Scott Anthony and David Duncan call this system a “Growth Factory.”… Read More

American efforts to jumpstart the development of a cleantech economy have not been wildly successful to date. While there have been scores of small wins and incremental advances that should probably get more notice, the primary theme has been to place big bets — bets that are starting to turn up sour. Last year got […]… Read More

A vision for a smart energy grid has been around for at least 10 years, yet adoption remains painfully low, with only 5 million smart meters and 140,000 programmable communication thermostats installed across the United States. Many barriers are holding up deployment of an “energy internet,” including technology, public policy and business model issues. But […]… Read More

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As the price of gasoline chugs toward an all-time high, there’s more incentive than ever to innovate new ways of getting around without the stuff. Given all the grief at the pump, the production of electric vehicles seems to be ramping up at just at the right time. Yet it’s still not clear how widely […]… Read More

A STRATEGY FOR NEW GROWTH The electric car itself is not a new idea. But there have always been problems with the state of batteries—they’ve been too bulky and expensive and only offered a limited driving range. The Volt team turned the problem on its head by embracing the range limitation, conceiving a car with… Read More