The devastation wrought by the hurricanes that have hit Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the islands have only brought into sharper focus the need for a long-term plan for America’s ailing infrastructure. With widespread flooding, power outages, and building damage, the rising price tag for recovery now comes on top of a long-delayed overhaul of… Read More

VENTURING BEYOND CORE MARKETS Already the largest operator of fueling stations in Australia, Caltex sought new ways to reach its target of 8% annual growth during a time of falling oil prices and flat demand. The leadership team recognized that they would need to move beyond its core—to pursue a portfolio of new opportunities to… Read More

Contrary to popular belief, Thomas Edison did not invent the lightbulb. Twenty or so inventors and labs had already come up with similar designs when he patented his in 1879. What Edison really invented was affordable and accessible electric light. Edison’s breakthrough was guided by a fundamental insight: any given product is only as powerful […]… Read More

BUILDING ON SUCCESS BY JUMPSTARTING NEW GROWTH When the municipal utility was formed in 1997, only a quarter of homes in the Philippines capital had reliable access to potable tap water. But over the next fifteen years, this division of a publicly traded company solved the crisis by working to bring drinkable water round the… Read More

American efforts to jumpstart the development of a cleantech economy have not been wildly successful to date. While there have been scores of small wins and incremental advances that should probably get more notice, the primary theme has been to place big bets — bets that are starting to turn up sour. Last year got […]… Read More