IMAGINING A SOLUTION FOR NON-CONSUMERS The name Godrej is synonymous with refrigerator in India, but electricity is unavailable or unreliable in many rural areas, and millions of families earning under $5 per day can’t afford to buy one. The idea to address the basic refrigeration needs of rural households in began in 2006 at a… Read More

MEETING THE CONTINUAL GROWTH CHALLENGE Best known for its marketing might, P&G’s legacy as an innovator is equally rich. Over its 175-year history, the Cincinnati firm has consistently created new categories of consumer goods—from the first disposable diaper (Pampers) to the first fluoride toothpaste (Crest) to the first synthetic laundry detergent (Tide). But in March… Read More

“We were too busy being strategic to do something obvious,” said Mr. Harish Bhat, the COO of the Time Products division of Titan Industries Limited. That was just one of many choice lines I heard when listening to Bhat talk about Titan’s efforts to create new growth businesses, including two new and successful watch lines: […]… Read More

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a record 46.2 million Americans are now living below the poverty line, as more and more people fall out of the middle class. For many companies, a shrinking middle class means a shrinking top line, as their traditional consumer base migrates to the lower end of the market. But […]… Read More

Over Christmas, my wife and I were shopping for a present for our three-year-old daughter, Holly. “She seems to really like working with you on your laptop,” my wife said (clients who notice strange typos in emails . . . blame Holly!). “Why don’t we get her a toy that encourages that interest so she’ll […]… Read More

Many Western multinationals expect to find most of their future growth in emerging economies. But the problem, say the authors, is not that these companies can’t create viable offerings but that simply transplanting their domestic business models to the new markets won’t work. … Read More

CHOOSING ONE BIG OPPORTUNITY TO GROW Innosight kicked off a 10-month project at VF Corp.’s Greensboro, N.C. headquarters by auditing current innovation practices and bottlenecks. After evaluating the existing innovation portfolio, we calculated the “growth gap,” the space between the revenue that was desired and what was probable if the company’s approach to innovation didn’t… Read More