It’s a paradox of the information age. The glut of information that bombards us daily too frequently obscures true insight. Intelligence should drive better innovation, but unless it is strategically collected and used, it functions like a summer beach novel — an engaging distraction. Thoughtful companies intertwine customer intelligence throughout the three phases that characterize […]… Read More

Here’s a quick quiz for you. Is it easier to get A: 1% of a huge, established market? or B: 100% of a completely new one? If you work for Apple, you might have picked B. But too often when companies embark on innovation projects, they pick A: that is, they start by believing that […]… Read More

A movement originating from the United States’ West Coast has sought to transform the creation of new businesses from an art to a science. The intellectual leader of the movement is Steve Blank, a serial entrepreneur who now teaches at Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley. One of Blank’s disciples, Eric Ries, turned […]… Read More

Recently, word leaked out that Intel (INTC) is evaluating whether to launch a new online television service that competes with cable. It will be a bold move for the chipmaker, which has developed a strong brand in the minds of the consumer, thanks to the long-running Intel Inside campaign. Such a radical shift into the […]… Read More

From the bankruptcy at Borders to the further downgrading of J. C. Penney’s stock despite its high-profile re-branding efforts, retailers have been in the news a lot lately—most of it bad. But there’s some good news from one of the unlikeliest parts of the retail sector—groceries, which is known for its razor-thin profit margins. This […]… Read More

IMAGINING A SOLUTION FOR NON-CONSUMERS The name Godrej is synonymous with refrigerator in India, but electricity is unavailable or unreliable in many rural areas, and millions of families earning under $5 per day can’t afford to buy one. The idea to address the basic refrigeration needs of rural households in began in 2006 at a… Read More