Digital Lessons from the Newspaper Industry
By Scott D. Anthony  

Mobile bits are driving a bigger and bigger share of the global economy. But while the explosion of media choices—from new apps to new TV series—is a boon to consumers, the ability for companies to maintain value is under increasing pressure. Major revenue streams have dried up while the half-life of a new communications service is becoming shorter and shorter.

The race is on to build enduring platforms of value. After all, it wasn’t long ago that most people paid for daily newspaper delivery and for each long-distance minute. Value has since shifted to new business models that piggyback on capital intensive networks. Facebook, Netflix, Google, Apple and Amazon are all among the world’s most highly valued enterprises. But so are Verizon, Comcast and China Mobile.

Practice Leader
Patrick Viguerie, President  

Your strategy of where to play and how to win couldn’t be more critical. Even as more and digital services have become free, consumers are spending higher portions of their household budgets on media and telecom than ever before.

Innosight collaborates with media and telecom leaders to reimagine their future using frameworks such as “future-back” strategy and “dual transformation.”

Practice Leader
Scott Anthony, Managing Partner  

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