Advances in science, medicine, and technology are transforming life sciences and medtech, promising enormous benefits to humanity as therapeutics, surgical technologies, and diagnostics grow more powerful, personalized, and precise. This creates tremendous opportunities for incumbents and new entrants alike but also presents a disruptive threat to existing business models.

Innovation in science and drug development has always been at the core of these industries. To navigate today’s evolving markets and ecosystems, incumbent leaders now need to systematically transform, and innovate new business models and new operating models as well.

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Innosight has a long track record of supporting the transformation of life science and medtech companies. We help clients make sense of discontinuous change, seize new growth opportunities, improve R&D effectiveness, and reinvent their commercial approach. With our focus on the mechanics of disruption, business transformation, and business model innovation, we work as partners to navigate change and help our clients own their future.

Featured Insights
The Next Era of Biopharma Innovation
Medical technology, doctor use AI robots for diagnosis, care, and increasing accuracy patient treatment in future. Medical research and development innovation technology to improve patient health.

The business model for innovation in biopharma is transforming again, as leading companies become integrators in delivering the next generation of breakthrough treatments. Explore the briefing.

A Future-Back Approach to Transformative Therapies
Genetic engineering concept. Medical science. Scientific Laboratory.

To capture the potential of transformative innovations, which take years to pay off, biopharma leaders should augment their incremental approach to innovation with one that asserts a bold vision of the future. Read the article.

Envisioning a World Without Disease

Highlights from our inaugural conference bringing together stakeholders from across healthcare to discuss paradigm shifts that facilitate disease prevention and interception. Read about it here.




Markets We Serve
  • Biopharma

Increasing complexity, rapid innovation, and an explosion in promising new treatment modalities are challenging business models, as pressure continues to mount from reimbursement challenges and commercial competition.

  • Medtech

Digital capability is driving a shift from products to solutions, while global and regional players contend with growing competition and decreasing innovation headroom.

  • Generics and Biosimilars

New business models and go-to-market strategies are priorities amid incessant competitive pressure.

  • Consumer and Digital Health

The digital transformation of retail and consumer health experiences has upended the industry, creating both threats and opportunities.

  • Life Sciences Tools and Services

Technology is disrupting services, challenging providers and distributors of lab and testing products, as tests get smaller, are increasingly done on-site, and business models change.


Our Experience

Our work with leaders from life science and medtech companies is focused on developing transformative growth opportunities that will ultimately elevate standards of care and improve patient outcomes.

Global Pharmaceutical Company Diversifies with New Growth Platform
Happy friendly multiethnic pharmacist doing inveantory in a provided and modern pharmacy while looking at camera. Portrait of smiling young doctor woman working in drugstore with digital tablet. African smiling druggist working at hospital pharmacy.

We partnered with a global life science and medtech leader on an ambitious series of new growth initiatives oriented around shaping a powerful vision for the future of the industry. This included a series of future-back strategy efforts, establishing a dual transformation operating model, and launching new growth businesses and acquisitions to support the vision.

Medical Device Pioneer Innovates Business Model to Emphasize Solutions
Surgical Instrumentator in Operating Room

We worked with a global medical device company to develop a vision to guide its transformation into a medtech solutions provider, which resulted in it repositioning its core business, winding down investments in some product categories, and implementing enhancements to products, procedures, and pathways to optimize the patient treatment journey.

Medical Robotics Leader Refocuses Long-Term Strategy
Medical students practicing for keyhole surgery.

We helped a robotics group redefine its long-term strategy, identifying the most attractive therapeutic areas for their technology and developing a global go-to-market strategy. This effort included refocusing its R&D portfolio toward priority initiatives in order to put the company on a path to profitability, commercial strategy enhancements, and prioritization of BD opportunities.


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