As technology advances and business models undergo a reconfiguration, industrial and technology companies face increasingly complex challenges given their position in value chains and the B2B nature of their relationships. The upheaval and uncertainty caused by this brings with them both new opportunities and threats, from digitization to solution selling and sustainability, which leaders must continually assess and evaluate.

Innosight partners with companies across industrial and technology sectors to define growth strategies that adapt to evolving ecosystems, anticipate and plan for disruptive change, and innovate to seize opportunities for new growth. We collaborate with business leaders to interpret and anticipate market trends, uncover and mitigate threats from non-traditional competitors, and achieve visionary long-term goals by adopting a future-back view of markets.  

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Our expertise in guiding organizations to re-examine how they view their customers and capabilities through the lenses of their jobs-to-be-done and business model innovation enables the discovery and cultivation of new growth areas. This can help organizations ensure they appropriately frame and are ready to achieve their growth goals, adapt in light of digitization and sustainability, shift their business model from product-centric to solution-centric, navigate the global realignment of supply chains, and respond to increasingly high customer expectations. 

Featured Insights
Innovation Within Reach: Balancing Growth and Cost Discipline in Times of Uncertainty

With a different approach to innovation strategy, companies can navigate these dual objectives and stay future-oriented. Read the article.


Products to Solutions: Three Keys for Industrial Companies to Make the Switch


Top view of refinery worker walking by gas pipes, checking gasoline supply and installations in production plant.

Discover how industrial companies can move from a products to solutions mindset, unlocking new value for customers and driving new growth. Explore the ideas.


Overcoming Common Challenges to Disruptive Innovation


Startups and incumbents alike struggle with becoming disruptors. We explore four common challenges that trip up efforts – and strategies for overcoming them. Read the HBR article.



Markets We Serve
  • Aerospace & Defense 

Anticipate and stay ahead of an evolving threat landscape, while maintaining agility amid blurring lines between governmental and commercial/private development.

  • Agriculture & Forestry

Seize opportunities like precision agriculture amid global challenges like food security, access, and affordability, quality, provenance, and sustainability. 

  • Automotive & Mobility

Navigate industry disruption and make strategic moves to win in mobility, autonomous driving, electrification, and connectivity. 

  • Energy & Utilities 

Navigate the energy transition while managing supply hurdles, ensuring affordability  for customers, and anticipating disruptive business model changes.

  • Materials & Chemicals 

Succeed with new materials and technology to meet evolving customer expectations while moving toward digitally enabled circular business models. 

  • Oil & Gas 

Rethink strategic investments within an uneven regulatory landscape, while growing traditional products into next-gen solutions.

Our Experience

We help industrial leaders set strategic direction, improve their innovation performance, and create the organizational capabilities needed to deliver today and transform for the future.


Global Materials Company Repositions its Core for New Growth
Mature businessman presenting business strategy on white board to group of industrial workers in a factory.

We partnered with a leading materials company to refresh its strategy amidst a challenging market backdrop of slowed adoption for new product innovation, industry consolidation, new entrants, and sustainability. Together we developed and programmed a future-back strategy to drive innovation and reposition the core business, aligned leadership on a set of Strategic Opportunity Areas, and aligned the organization on the case for change and future environment 

Industrial Company Develops New Enterprise Growth Platform

With a new CEO at the helm, an industrial portfolio company needed to reorient its growth strategy by adding new platforms to supplement its two largest subsidiaries in automotive and beverages. The company enlisted Innosight to help them identify new growth opportunities within its existing operations while developing a new enterprise platform to diversify business and meet ambitious long-term goals. Read the full impact story.

Logistics Firm Innovates by Launching a Fully Digital Business

Packages are transported in high-tech settings. Concept of automatic logistics management.

We helped develop a long-term strategy for a leading global third-party logistics firm that was facing shifting market dynamics, new technologies, and potentially disruptive business models. The engagement included aligning the executive leadership team around a shared view of the future environment and innovation priorities, and helping to stand up a new innovation team with clear priorities — resulting in the launch of a fully digital business to target a previously underserved customer segment.

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