Anchored in deep technical knowledge, an understanding of engineering fundamentals, industry experience, and innovation subject matter expertise, our team has worked with some of the world’s most influential industrial companies, helping drive growth and achieve transformation. We collaborate with leaders to:

  • Recognize and interpret ambiguous market signals by systematically separating noise from insight.
  • Understand changes to increasingly complex and evolving ecosystems including threats from non-traditional competitors.
  • Generate new technology-enabled growth opportunities by redefining customer segments through the lens of their jobs-to-be-done.
  • Achieve long-term growth goals by adopting a future-back versus present-forward view of new customers and markets.
  • Drive innovation across the value chain in new areas like analytics, Internet of Things, and services while continuing to optimize the core portfolio.
  • Build business model innovation capabilities to increase leverage from R&D portfolios.
  • Explore and rapidly de-risk new growth opportunities in capital intensive environments.

Areas of Expertise

We serve a broad range of industrial-focused companies across sectors including:

  • Automotive & Mobility: Car makers and component suppliers at an inflection point, as electric vehicles, new manufacturing techniques, shifting consumer sentiment, autonomy, mobility, and new regulation give rise to new growth strategies. Read our Harvard Business Review article “How Ford Is Thinking About the Future.”
  • Aerospace & Defense: The needs of defense organizations are quickly evolving as shifting geopolitics and new technologies lead to new opportunities and new business models. Both long term vision and quick adaptation are required.

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  • Agriculture & Forestry: Farmers seeking to optimize economics are turning to new technologies and data-driven services (i.e. precision agriculture) to enhance crop growth and yield, while limiting inputs and leading to a complex ecosystem.
  • Chemicals & Materials: New technologies and processes are creating ways for materials producers to differentiate and generate value. Determining the best way to deliver and capture that value can be daunting.
  • Construction & Mining: Companies are relying on technology to improve efficiencies across fleets. This is causing end-users to look beyond products into support services and solutions.
  • High-Tech: Rapid R&D and shifting customer needs are generating new challenges for software and electronics companies. Macro trends like the Internet of Things create opportunities, but obsolescence and continuous waves of disruption pose threats.
  • Industrial Equipment: The Industrial Internet (Industry 4.0) promises to improve efficiency while leading to new business models. Firms must compete to find the right ways to deliver and capture value in reconfigured ecosystems.

See our client impact stories below to learn how our expertise in harnessing disruptive innovation has led to the creation of new value in the marketplace.