As it stands today, the health care system isn’t delivering the quality or the affordability that growing populations are demanding. In the U.S. alone, an estimated $1 trillion in waste clogs a system where 75% of spending goes to chronic care while insufficient resources are dedicated to disease prediction and prevention.

Yet innovation across the sector is accelerating, and companies ranging from pharmaceutical and device makers to insurance firms and hospital networks are adapting to changing priorities and more complex regulations.

With our roots in devising disruptive solutions, Innosight has developed deep expertise helping clients lead their industries in emerging trends such as the decentralization of care from high-cost institutions to community locations and individual homes.

We’ve developed strategies that integrate new technologies, new therapies, and new care models. We’ve helped pharma companies go beyond the pill, and device makers create new services that avert commoditization.

See our client impact stories below to learn how our expertise in harnessing disruptive innovation has led to the creation of new value in the marketplace.

Learn more with our new healthcare series with the Christensen Institute on how healthcare incumbents can leverage disruptive innovation and new consumer-centric business models to improve care while lowering costs.



Marc Harrison, CEO of Intermountain Healthcare, on ways to change when you’re successful