Global megatrends such as constraints on carbon emissions and overwhelming demand for clean water are opening up disruptive fault lines. In response, new technologies and business models are emerging that point to more sustainable paths for growth.

Innosight has collaborated with some of sector’s largest and most innovative companies who aim to rise to the global challenge. The climate crisis brings with it a host of opportunities for healing the planet while developing new markets.

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Some of these shifts are already underway, with new solar, wind and other renewable sources already overtaking fossil fuels in terms of new power projects. While some utility companies are resisting the disruption, others are creating new business models, becoming conductors of smart networks for distributed, renewable energy and storage solutions.

We look at sustainability with a broad lens, with an aim towards aligning environmental and business objectives. We see sustainability moving beyond the realm of power production to take a central position for a range of other companies—from makers of industrial products to producers of consumer goods to companies in water and agriculture.

Innosight serves integrated energy companies, oil & gas producers, utilities, as well as clean tech firms, working with leaders in this sector to reframe their future using tools such as business model innovation and “dual transformation.”

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