The forces reshaping consumer and retail markets globally are significant and intensifying. They include demographic shifts, the drive toward sustainability, value chain disintermediation, and the erosion of scale advantages. At the heart of it all is today’s consumer — savvy, demanding, and with more options than ever. 

For forward-thinking companies, this creates opportunities for innovation: to create great new products and services; design new shopping experiences that meet consumers where, when, and how they want to buy; and build an organizational culture that is adaptable and agile. 

As leading experts on disruptive innovation and strategic transformation, we help companies turn industry disruption into growth. Anticipating and making sense of market and industry shifts. Aligning leadership around a shared vision for the future. And building momentum behind crucial organizational change 

Together we create transformational strategies that build resilience in core legacy businesses and give life to new growth ventures to create the consumer company of the future.

Featured Insights
Moving Faster than Disruption in Consumer Staples


In this rear view, an unrecognizable woman stands with a shopping cart in front of a shelf full of food in the bread aisle of a grocery store.

Drawing on extensive research, we’ve identified seven consumer staples companies that stand apart from the rest in their ability to navigate the unique headwinds and changes in the industry. Read the report.


Three Steps for Developing Premiumization Strategies


Parents and their daughter are choosing sweets and smiling while doing shopping in supermarket

Creating higher-quality products and services that consumers willingly pay more for is an effective strategy to counter inflation and consumer fatigue from price increases. We explore three keys to premiumization success. Explore the executive briefing.


Know Your Customers’ “Jobs to Be Done”


Customers queuing to order and pay at a coffee shop counter

Firms have never known more about their customers, but their innovation processes remain hit-or-miss. Find out why in this HBR article.



Markets We Serve
  • Beauty & Personal Care

Winners in the space are making bold moves around granular market and channel strategies, even as consumer desire for health and wellness expands category boundaries and competitive set.

  • Consumer Electronics

Intense competition, abundance of consumer choice, and seismic shifts in technology make it critical to be laser-like in focusing on choices around where to play and how to win in the long term.

  • Household Products

With barriers to entry falling, would-be disruptors around the globe are rewiring the value chain, causing incumbents to take fresh approaches to the consumer value proposition, distribution, and value creation formula.

  • Packaged Food & Beverage

Rapidly evolving consumer tastes, changing attitudes around health and wellness, sustainability concerns, and greater competition make it ever more critical to take a long-term, consumer-centric perspective on growth.

  • Retail & Trade

Industry players must reinvigorate the core physical value proposition, while continuing to build digital and ecommerce capabilities, creating an omnichannel experience that meets consumers where they are.

  • Travel & Hospitality

Post-pandemic, the focus is on rebuilding exceptional organizations that can create unique experiences for their guests, while addressing new demands around sustainability and health-centricity.

Our Experience

We collaborate with leaders from consumer goods companies around the world to help them develop new products and retail formats while building lasting innovation capabilities.


Global Beverage Company Identifies Model for Growth Strategy
Female Inventory Manager with laptop is checking juice bottles before shipment. Inspection quality control. Manager inspecting production line at drinks production factory

We partnered with a beverage company known for its iconic brands to help its global leadership team align around a transformation strategy, setting a vision and objectives for the company’s growth and financial performance through 2030, including revenue impact and investment required to develop new platforms in adjacent product categories. 

Godiva Japan’s Latest Creation: A New Business Model
Godiva Chocolatier storefront in Houston, Texas USA 07-13-2020

We worked with senior leaders at the premium chocolate retailer to design and align around a 5-year strategic roadmap, innovate new business models, and identify new organizational capabilities. This “dual transformation” led to accelerated product cycles for existing offerings, the launch of a new business of restaurant-cafes, and the adoption of a new operating model. Watch an interview with CEO Jerome Chouchan. 

How Procter & Gamble Developed an R&D Innovation Factory

We worked with the consumer goods giant to make innovation a sustainable source of revenue growth. The effort built a network of new processes and capabilities to accelerate new products and business model development, from inception to market. The effort led to faster cycles of innovation and a tripling of P&G’s innovation success rate. Read the full impact story here.

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