Virtual Book Club

Virtual Book Club Supercut

Featuring clips from all 7 sessions of our virtual book club

Watch the ESI authors and innovation leaders from around the world and learn more about how organizations are hacking bad habits, creating powerful new norms, and building thriving cultures of innovation and change.

Pixar’s Ed Catmull on Creativity

Ed Catmull, Cofounder of Pixar, with Scott Anthony

As cofounder of Pixar, Ed Catmull produced such beloved films as the Toy Story trilogy, Monsters, Inc.Finding Nemo and others. The studio’s animations, filmmaking process, and organizational culture have become synonymous with creativity. In this conversation with Scott Anthony, he shares the ideals and management philosophies that have made Pixar so widely admired and so profitable.

Innovation at King & Wood Mallesons

Berkeley Cox, Chief Executive Partner, Australia, King & Wood Mallesons, with Scott Anthony

Professional service firms are not immune to disruptive forces. In this session, Berkeley Cox, the CEO of one of Australia’s leading law firms, talks with Scott Anthony about how you inspire and enable lawyers to think and act differently in the face of disruptive change.

Culture Sprint with Johnson & Johnson

Melody Fillier, Senior Manager, Innovation and Organizational Capabilities, with Natalie Painchaud

Today more than ever, J&J’s supply chain organization plays a critical role in enabling the company’s goal to pioneer innovative solutions to deliver better health. Melody Fillier shares insights and takeaways from the group’s recent “culture sprint” aimed at making “J&J on our best day” become every day.

Scaling Innovation

Tanya Accone, Senior Advisor on Innovation, UNICEF, with Scott Anthony

UNICEF’s mission is to provide food and healthcare to children in war-stricken countries, and its 12,000+ employees operate in more than 190 countries. How do you drive innovation across such a large, dispersed organization? Tanya Accone helped run and expand the organization’s first Global Innovation Center. She shares insights into how they are building and scaling 21st century capabilities.

Innovation in the UK Joint Forces Command

Sir Chris Deverell, Four Star General and Commander (Retired) with Innosight’s Scott Anthony 

Unleashing innovation in organizations that historically are risk-averse, process intensive, and designed for repeatable results is an acutely difficult challenge. The military is the epitome of this. Sir Chris Deverell shares stories and insights about overcoming these obstacles to drive innovation in the UK Joint Forces Command.

Curiosity, Responsiveness, and Customer Obsession at Settlement Music School

Helen Eaton, Chief Executive Officer, with Scott Anthony

How does a 112-year-old arts school navigate changing demographics and a pandemic to stay relevant and fulfill its mission? Helen Eaton shares highlights from its innovation journey, including how it has moved to establish broader community hubs and attract new partnerships.

Normal Organizations Doing Extraordinary Things (NO-DETS)

Steve and Sharon Bussey, Territorial Mission Strategists, The Salvation Army, with Natalie Painchaud

An organization’s strengths often defines its weakness. Steve and Sharon Bussey of the US Eastern Territory share key takeaways of their journey to becoming a NO-DET, including how incumbency has its advantage, culture change takes time, and why a common language matters.