Culture Sprint

Any kind of important change management effort — building or-rebooting a culture of innovation, re-orienting your company around customers, digital transformation — requires identifying the desired behaviors and findings ways to encourage and scale them.  It also requires setting up the conditions for those behaviors to be sustainable over time.

We work with companies to jump start change through customized culture sprints, which allow teams  or departments to start focused and fast and make tangible progress creating the “alpha version” of their change program. We collaborate with client teams to design and plan the sprint, to align on desired behaviors, identify critical blockers and run immersive “activation session.”  The core of a culture sprint is a two-day activation session. Day one of the session provides an opportunity for attendees to “live” the desired behaviors, while day two focuses on BEANstorming. A typical sprint runs 6 to 8 weeks and concludes with and a plan for implementation to activate, spread, and scale the culture change. Download a quick guide to the stages of culture change.

Organizational Transformation

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Equipped with the right culture, resources, internal structures and incentives to proactively respond to change, leaders can prepare their organization to succeed under any condition. We partner with clients to reconfigure their organization, reimagine their way of working, and unleash the potential of their people and culture to successfully achieve their strategy and organizational goals. We work across for key areas to bring about sustainable transformation.

  • Design the right operating model to achieve the optimal structure, processes, and decision rights for the organization.
  • Define a talent strategy that articulates future-oriented leadership & talent competencies and leverages best practices to attract, develop, reward and retain the right talent.
  • Identify beliefs & behaviors to uncover employee jobs to be done, organizational unwritten rules, and create behavior enablers, artifacts, and nudges (BEANs) to align individual purpose with organizational purpose and to facilitate behavioral change.
  • Activate change management through a systematic program to mobilize people, develop change capabilities, and reinforce individual accountabilities for change.


Bulk Purchase/Company Book Clubs

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If you are looking to add Eat, Sleep Innovate to a corporate book club program or training program, get in touch with us to learn how we can provide additional content and guidance. With a bulk purchase of 150 books or more, an Eat, Sleep, Innovate coauthor can deliver a kickoff webcast to introduce key book concepts, and orient and energize your team.

Building Innovation Capabilities

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