“At Redstar, I am responsible for building a portfolio of new businesses from ideation to company creation. Each year, we explore a different theme for business concepts such as consumer finance, the aging population, and underemployment. I was initially interested in Redstar as a company because it is trying to disrupt the traditional venture capital model. I am personally excited about the opportunity to have hands-on experience in the startup world launching and investing in real companies. It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of a firm that is trying to do something different.

Since 2011, Redstar has launched four companies. Of those, we have shut down one, had one exit, and have two successful and growing companies currently in our portfolio. Later this year, we will be launching our fifth company as a result of the work my venture team did in the consumer finance space. I’m excited to see an idea that I have spent time on materialize –get funded and launched!

How did my time at Innosight help set me up for success in my current role? At Innosight, I learned how to put structure around ambiguity, the importance of taking a customer-driven approach to innovation, as well as the importance of understanding assumptions when testing and validating a new business. I’m confident the skill set that I built during my 3 years at Innosight will continue to serve me well in my future endeavors.”