My first job out of school

After graduating from college, I joined Procter & Gamble as an assistant brand manager and worked on a startup-like team launching the Swiffer brand. We had an awesome GM/VP who told us to throw out the rules and “do what needs to be done.” We did. And we kept doing all kinds of crazy, creative stuff as we developed the Swiffer WetJet, including designing a branded truck with a giant WetJet bolted to the top of it and driving it from Cincinnati to northwest Arkansas to demo the product. It was a truly entrepreneurial experience within the safety net of a big corporation. And because it was my first job out of school, I thought it was all completely normal.

Choosing Innosight

I spent five years at P&G before earning my MBA and then working for a larger consulting firm. While there were things I really liked about consulting, I realized I missed the focus on innovation, growth, entrepreneurialism, breaking the rules and creating something new, which was so prevalent at P&G. I started looking for opportunities where I could work on the types of things I did at P&G, but as a consultant. Innosight seemed like it would be a great fit, and it has been.

An emphasis on growth

Our focus on helping companies drive growth separates Innosight from the big consulting firms. Our degree of specialization fosters a deeper understanding of everything that goes into growth. But we also have incredible breadth in the companies we serve, so we’re able to apply what we’ve learned from across multiple industries to bring the best of what’s out there to our clients. It’s an amazing feeling to be speaking with the chief sustainability officer of an athletic goods company, realize that she’s facing many of the same organizational and market challenges of other clients, and then connect her with the CTO of a food/bev company and the CEO of a pharma company so they can swap lessons learned.

Intellectually curious colleagues

My colleagues at Innosight are the epitome of “intellectually curious,” and their sense of curiosity makes things exciting, whether we’re doing client work or talking with each other at lunch or happy hour. Everyone is interested in so many different things. And there’s a real hunger to constantly learn new things, which creates incredible energy in the office. Two big reasons I’ve stayed at Innosight so long are the work we do and the people we get to do it with — our people and our clients.

Cleveland sports fan

I was born and raised in Cleveland, and growing up there means you become a fan of Cleveland’s sports teams. My dad is from Western Pennsylvania and raised me to be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, so I’ve escaped the pain of Browns football. But I love the Indians. From cutting school (sorry, Mom and Dad!) to go to Opening Day in Municipal Stadium, to the Indians’ glory days of the mid-to-late 1990s, to cheering for the Tribe when I see them play at Fenway, they’re my team. It was awesome to see the Cavaliers win the NBA title [in 2016]; it was a catharsis for me and the city. Now I’m just waiting for my Indians to do the same.

The joys of LEGO and sports

My husband and I are both sports fans and both played with LEGO as kids. When we bought our first home three years ago, we decided to make the basement a home for our favorite pastimes. We started by reconstructing all of our old LEGO sets and then added LEGO Creator modular buildings to our little LEGO land. We have a big TV, so we can watch sports and build at the same time. On the back wall is a perfect replica of the Green Monster at the exact moment of an Indians-Red Sox game when all of Fenway was trying to cheer a David Ortiz hit fair for a home run and I was trying to scream it foul. (It did go foul, and the Indians won the game.)