Music will always be a part of my life.

I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where the ‘music helps with math skills’ mindset of parents is quite popular. I started piano lessons at the age of five. I learned classical piano, then clarinet, guitar, ukulele and started singing in a chamber group. More recently, I won a part in a non-professional production of The King & I with Babirra Music Theatre, based in Melbourne, Australia.


How I became a chocolate scientist.

My family moved to New Zealand. After earning a Bachelor of Food Technology, I went to work in Melbourne, Australia for one of the world’s largest food companies, Mondelez International. I started in R&D as a chocolate scientist, helping create new chocolate products for Cadbury, a 100-year-old brand and the #1 most beloved chocolate brand in many countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and India. That led to my role as a brand manager, where I helped lead the re-branding of Cadbury Fundraising, creating a new product portfolio for school kids and clubs raising money, and I orchestrated a pro sports league to sponsor the revitalized brand.


I love helping companies grow and transform.

I decided to go back to school, for my MBA, at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business. For my summer internship, I was attracted to Innosight for the impact it has had on helping grow and transform companies.

My positive summer experience at Innosight helped convince me to join full-time after receiving my MBA. I’ve worked with companies to develop new growth strategies across a range of industries, including footwear and apparel, agriculture, automotive manufacturing, the non-profit sector, and of course, food and consumer goods. It’s especially exciting and challenging because companies turn to us when they want to disrupt themselves and grow beyond their historical core business.


It all gets back to the music.

My colleagues at Innosight also have so many interests and passions, which makes it such a vibrant place to be. As for me, my musician skills always come in handy. Music requires you to be a soloist sometimes, but as a member of a band or an orchestra, the skillset is also based on collaboration, being part of the team, being flexible about which parts you play—all to achieve the highest team performance. And in my off hours, I’m either playing keys in my business-school band, going to karaoke bars, or singing with the San Francisco City Chorus.