A Career with Impact

After graduation I was looking for something that would let me explore different areas while being able to have some impact in the world. I studied computer science, and I did tech internships. I interned at an online shopping startup, working on the AI logic behind a browser extension. I also went down the pre-med track, working on an AI-powered mental health app for undergrads and an app for monitoring orthopedic patient recovery.

I was curious about consulting, and the more I looked into it, the more I realized it fits what I want; making an impact for your clients while being able to explore different areas.


All in the Family

At Innosight, I’ve really gotten a 360-degree view of the healthcare industry—I’ve worked with a healthcare startup, a pharma company, a community hospital system, and an insurance company. I have several family members who work in the industry, including my brother and father. This has really increased my appreciation for what they do, treating patients, as well as how hospital systems deal with patient’s socioeconomic needs.

It has opened my eyes, which is exactly the kind of experience I was looking for. I’ve seen the impact we’re having, helping our clients better position themselves to help in their communities.

Making Moneyball

I’m a huge sports fan and I’ve always been really interested in the science of player development. There are similarities to that analytical approach and what I do now. At Harvard, I joined the sports analytics club, where I got a chance to work with the San Diego Padres to help them identify free agents to sign, as well as write sports analytics articles about baseball and basketball.

One memorable experience was when I applied for an internship with the Cincinnati Reds, where you had to play GM and pick one free agent out of the class of 2020 to sign. I didn’t get the internship but the player I suggested was Nick Castellanos, who they signed a few months later!


We’ve Got the Beat

The summer before I attended Harvard, I taught myself how to beatbox. I tried out for groups my freshman year and joined the Harvard Callbacks, one of the acapella groups on campus, which was one of the best experiences throughout all four years in college. My senior year, we released an album on Spotify and one of my side-projects was creating a website to teach people to beatbox.


Finding Community

People at Innosight are very encouraging. If I show interest in different areas, people at Innosight, including partners, are always willing to make time to discuss them. I feel like there’s great opportunities to get to know everybody at the firm. There are lots of options to become part of the community, from a running club to a Taylor Swift group chat.

I’m a member of the social steering committee, which helps to plan events for Innosighters inside and outside of work, as well as the commissioner of the Innosight fantasy football league which just started this year. The league is going great and hopefully baseball and other sports are next!