Going from engineering to consulting

I studied engineering in college and grad school, and then spent five years as an electrical engineer at a research lab. While working at the lab, I also completed Northeastern University’s MBA program. At Northeastern, I enjoyed wrestling with strategic types of challenges, which were different than what I was doing in engineering. I thought being able to leverage my technical experience and knowledge would be somewhat unique for the consulting industry, and it has been helpful. I can “talk the talk” and empathize on technical matters with clients.


Shaping the future of the automotive industry

One of my favorite Innosight projects is one I’m on right now. We’re working with an automotive company; as a tech guy, I’ve always been fascinated by this industry. We’re having to consider what the industry will look like in 15 years and how the changes will impact our day-to-day lives as consumers. It’s been exciting — an opportunity to help bring innovations to life sooner rather than later, with the hope of making an impact on the level of an Uber.


Taking the initiative

One of the best things about working at Innosight is that there’s freedom to take the initiative if you are so inclined. I am fascinated by the Internet of Things and was able to be part of team that helped to put on an IoT summit here. It was a great example of having a side project that lets you problem solve in a new way.


Friendships @work

I’ve never been one to focus on building friendships in the workplace. But here, it’s been different. The project I’m on now, for example. It’s busy, demanding, even frustrating at times, but everyone has come together and bonded in a special way. I spend a lot of time with these people, travel with them and have a lot of fun with them. It’s been really rewarding to balance the personal with the professional by forming friendships like these.


Running with purpose

Around 2008, a friend got me to do Reach the Beach, a running relay race in New Hampshire. I started running then and have tried to keep it up since. I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2013 and then Kansas City in 2014. I grew up going to the Boston Marathon with my family each year, so my goal is to run that someday. Running is an excellent way to decompress. I usually don’t listen to music so that I can take in my environment and get out of my own head.


Looking to the future

Personally, I’m transitioning from someone in his 20s with few responsibilities to someone in his 30s with more and more responsibilities. I’m married and we have a dog. We’re looking forward to having a family beyond just a dog, which is scary but exciting. Professionally, I’ve enjoyed the growth I’ve had since joining Innosight. It’s great to dig into these problems — the things that some of the world’s largest companies are thinking about. It’s always fresh, always super exciting.