Coming to Singapore

I am from the UK and have always looked to maximize my travel to interesting places. In 2011, I was working in London for Accenture and heard about an opportunity at their Innovation Center in Singapore. While I’d never actually been to Singapore, I hopped on a plane and went there ready for the next adventure. Despite occasional moments early on where I questioned the decision, I can look back now and say I have truly loved my time here. I have made life-long friends and was even lucky enough to meet the woman who became my wife.


Next up: Innosight

While I was thinking about what would come next in my career, a recruiter contacted me about Innosight. I did my research and loved what I read. The interview process was pretty extensive; I remember the recruiter sending me résumés of the people I’d be interviewing with. I was blown away by their credentials and achievements. I knew I’d be joining a high-caliber organization. I was also taken by the kind of work I’d be able to do here — helping companies grow rather than IT business cases, outsourcing jobs, trimming costs, etc. It’s been everything I’d hoped for.


A smaller firm that thinks big

At a large consulting firm, you have more protection. That is, there’s usually someone else in the firm, somewhere in the world, who has already done what you’re trying to do. You can email someone a question, and you’ll wake up the next morning with a reply in your inbox. At Innosight, you’re a little more on your own. That’s a good thing, an opportunity for growth. You have to get out there and solve problems by yourself and with your teammates. And while Innosight is on the smaller side, we really punch above our weight. For a 100-person company, it’s quite a brand.


Taking it slow

I’m very lucky to have been to over 60 countries. When I was younger, I thought I had to cram everything into each day. Now that I’m in my mid-30s, I much more appreciate standing still a bit. Sometimes you have to take the afternoon off. Slow down — you might see something interesting, meet someone interesting.


A passion for the pitch (even if from an armchair)

I’m absolutely sports-crazy; it’s my No. 1 passion in life. I spend way too much time following sport — football, cricket and rugby are my top three. I’ve largely transitioned from being on the pitch to watching on my armchair. My wife goes a little crazy with the amount of sport I’m able to consume, but she thinks it’s a lot better than some of the hobbies I could have.