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Innovation Expertise by Industry

Industry Expertise

Rapid change is reshaping entire industries—from media to energy to healthcare. New markets, new consumer trends, and disruptive technologies and business models are challenging decision makers to rethink their businesses. Innosight helps clients achieve transformative growth by combining our proven approach to strategic innovation with a deep knowledge of key industries, including the following:

Consumer & Retail

Traditional retail categories are saturated. Consumer preferences are changing rapidly as shoppers demand solutions tailored to their needs. The pressure to deliver short-term growth competes with the need to develop product pipelines stretching into the future. Where will consumer and retail companies shop for new growth?

Innosight helps consumer product and retail companies achieve organic growth through innovation. We look beyond traditional consumer categories, reframing them from the consumer's viewpoint to uncover new solutions and business models.

Learn how we helped P&G turn a new idea into a runaway success.

Energy & Transportation

The drive to transition from a fossil-fueled economy to a renewable future is clear. What's not so clear are the new business models and strategies that will enable energy companies, auto makers, and other transportation players to compete profitably in a greener marketplace.

Innosight works with leading energy companies and automakers, helping them think strategically about the systemic changes transforming their industry. This insight is the foundation for new business models that address fundamental needs in ways that change society, as well as our clients' growth trajectories.

Learn more about our Industrial & Technology Solutions practice.

Media & Telecom

The explosive growth of new media—from streaming movies to mobile apps to Internet telephony—is disintegrating traditional media and telecom value chains. At the same time, new technologies and platforms offer fresh opportunities for connecting customers, advertisers, and providers.

Innosight works with both established industry leaders and new or disruptive players to build innovative, new business models that position them for sustained growth in a market morphing at the speed of the Internet.

Learn how we helped Turner Broadcasting validate a brilliant, new advertising concept.

Health Care

In the global health-care marketplace, disruptive innovation is a chronic condition. But to make health care more affordable and accessible, innovation must go beyond new technologies and treatments. Health-care companies need to create new business models that generate value in sustainable, new ways.

Innosight helps pharmaceutical companies, medical device makers and health-care service providers move toward a different future through new business models and solutions that redefine health-care delivery in markets around the world.

Learn more information about our health care practice.

Financial Services

Bank and credit card customers want anytime, anywhere access to financial products and services. New players are emerging with disruptive models, including mobile apps. And stricter regulations are placing increased pressure on established business models.

Innosight helps financial service companies find new sources of growth by adapting their business models to align with today's evolving opportunities. Our work includes helping overcome cultural constraints, including internal bureaucracy that can impede innovation.

How we help

Using our jobs-to-be-done innovation approach, Innosight helps clients:

  • Develop new business models that disrupt the status quo and address fundamental customer needs in better ways, creating new markets and new revenue streams.
  • Enhance go-to-market success by identifying and prioritizing fundamental problems customers are trying to solve. This insight clarifies how solution benefits should be presented.
  • Adapt existing business models to meet new realities, including changing customer needs, identifying new ways to monetize existing assets.
  • Defend against disruptive competitive threats by anticipating the true functional, social, and emotional needs of customers. This understanding helps organizations break free from traditional ways of viewing their business, sparking productive innovation.
  • Build internal innovation capabilities, helping organizations transform their businesses by creating a framework for repeatable innovation and sustainable growth.

Learn more about our comprehensive innovation approach.

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