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Strategy & Innovation

February, 2012, Volume 10, Number 1

Creative Destruction Whips through Corporate America - Strategy & Innovation February, 2012


Creative Destruction Whips through Corporate America: An Executive Briefing on Corporate Strategy
A study by Innosight lead director Dick Foster shows that corporate lifespans are shrinking and that 75% of the S&P 500 will be replaced by 2027. To survive and thrive, leaders must "create, operate and trade" without losing control.


How Can You Turn Disruption into Opportunity?
K-12 education leader Houghton Mifflin Harcourt faced a severe disruption in the marketplace for textbooks. See our Impact Story video about how HMH collaborated with Innosight to institute an innovation process to meet the rising demand for new kinds of learning products.


How to Identify New Business Models
By Joe Sinfield, Ned Calder, et al.
A new path for corporate growth has emerged, one that we label "business model experimentation." At its heart, business model experimentation is a means to explore alternative value creation approaches quickly, inexpensively—by way of thought experiments.


Innosight in India: Five Lessons from Five Years
By Hari Nair, Vijay Raju, Akshay Mehra
Five years ago, Innosight was a small Boston-based consulting firm that decided to establish a presence in India at the urging of our co-founder Clayton Christensen. We've learned a lot the hard way—by adapting to India's chaotic, unpredictable but opportunity-rich business landscape.


An Alternate Vision for the Future of Healthcare
By Evan I. Schwartz
Innosight was treated to a glimpse of a potential future for one of the world's biggest industries at a recent Friday Forum lunch with Jamie Heywood, co-founder of, the breakthrough social networking and data-sharing site for people with chronic diseases.

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