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Strategy & Innovation

January, 2015, Volume 13, Number 1

Building Uncertainty into Your Strategy - Strategy & Innovation January 2015


Finding the Fatal Flaw in Your Strategy
By Patrick Viguerie
The plunge in oil prices provides an object lesson in strategy under uncertainty—exposing a divide between energy producers with sound strategies and those who built their business on a faulty assumption.


How Xerox Jumpstarts Transformation through "Dreaming Sessions"
By Evan I. Schwartz
Chief Technology Officer Sophie Vandebroek tells how Xerox now helps other firms along a journey of innovation and renewal similar to the path it has been on for 15 years.


When It Comes to Digital Innovation, Less Action, More Thought
By Scott D. Anthony
Don't let the simplicity and affordability of launching innovations lure you into skipping over the strategic thinking beforehand.


Why Online Retailers Are Starting to Care About Your Feelings
By Robyn M. Bolton
In the latest wave of digital business models, e-tailers are seeking to satisfy not just functional needs but also the complex emotional and social “jobs to be done” that once made malls destinations.

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