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Strategy & Innovation

June, 2014, Volume 12, Number 2

Overcoming the Strategy Confidence Gap - Strategy & Innovation June, 2014


What's Creating the Strategy "Confidence Gap"?
The results of our new survey show that organizations lack the tools and the long-term orientation to craft meaningful growth strategies.


How Walgreens is Transforming to Achieve a Wider Mission
See how Innosight collaborated with America’s largest pharmacy retailer on its health & wellness vision.


The Capitalist's Dilemma
By Clayton M. Christensen, Derek van Bever
Corporations are sitting on massive amounts of cash and failing to invest in innovations that might foster growth. What is causing this behavior? We advance some prescriptions for meaningful progress.


Piercing Through the Fog of a Nascent Idea
By Scott D. Anthony
It's easy for innovators to get lost in the fog and never make any decision at all. Here's how to break through and get the most out of your ideas.

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We set giant ten-year growth targets, and we're on track to meet them. The capabilities that Innosight brought to us remain the foundation of our growth and innovation plan.

Bill Knowles
Learning and Organizational Development Manager, Syngenta Corporation

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