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Strategy & Innovation

March, 2016, Volume 14, Number 1

Corporate Longevity Report: Turbulence Ahead - Strategy & Innovation March 2016

turbulence ahead

Corporate Longevity: Turbulence Ahead for Large Organizations
By Andrew Waldeck, S. Patrick Viguerie, Scott D. Anthony
Innosight forecasts half of S&P 500 companies to be replaced over the next 10 years, while our new survey points to organizational inertia and lack of long-term vision.

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How CFOs Can Take the Long-Term View in a Short-Term Economy
By Alasdair Trotter, Joe Sinfield
Investors are increasingly seeking firms with long-term growth strategies. This is triggering a shift in the perceived role of the CFO — from bean counters to planters of seed corn.

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What Do You Really Mean by Business “Transformation”?
By Scott D. Anthony
Often, the word confuses three fundamentally different categories of effort. Let’s sort out what we mean by each.

food waste

The Food Waste Opportunity: How Experiments Can Open New Markets
By Sarah Barbo
The right framework of incentives can encourage partnerships and entrepreneurial ventures that spark unexpected growth.

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