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Six Keys to Building New Markets by Unleashing Disruptive Innovation

By Clayton M. Christensen, Scott D. Anthony, Michael E. Raynor

Managers today have a problem. They know their companies must grow. But growth is hard, especially given today's economic environment where investment capital is difficult to come by and firms are reluctant to take risks. Managers know innovation is the ticket to successful growth. But they just can't seem to get innovation right.

When companies keep improving their existing products and services to meet their best customers' needs, they eventually run into the "innovator's dilemma." By doing everything right, they create opportunities for new companies to take their markets away. Established companies historically have struggled when trying to create new markets. Success seems fleeting and unpredictable.

Recent research indicates these problems are systemic. Most companies that are started fail. Of those that succeed, most cannot sustain robust growth for more than a few years. Companies need a way to unlock the process of innovation and create innovation-driven growth businesses again and again. How can managers increase the probability that their decisions will lead to success? Now more than ever, managers need robust theories—statements of what causes what, why, and in what situation—to guide their decision making around innovation.

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