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Professional Development Opportunities at Innosight

We are committed to the success of each employee. In your work at Innosight, you will develop a strong problem-solving tool kit and learn Innosight-specific approaches to formulating growth strategies. For all new hires – whether you are brand new to consulting or have several years of experience – we offer formal training to lay a solid foundation and ensure you will add value from Day 1 of your case work. Our ongoing mentoring and professional development programs provide continuous learning and growth throughout your career.

Our training programs include:

  • New hire bootcamp – an intensive, seven-day learning program (four days for interns), which will both enhance your core problem solving skills and introduce you to the Innosight approach to pursuing new growth opportunities, building new ventures and capabilities, and accelerating organizational change. You will learn by doing, working in teams to crack a case based on a recent client engagement
  • A planned sequence of professional development programs, which are designed to improve executive presence, project management skills, and people leadership, as consultants advance in their careers
  • Ongoing learning events to bring in outside perspectives to inform and inspire our work
  • Individually-driven learning initiatives, supported by professional development funds earmarked yearly for employees
  • For consultants who grow into the Principal and Partner roles, we offer professional development programs that focus on business development, client management, and firm leadership

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